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This piece began during the engagement period of my first marriage. It started out very dark and contemporary, only using reds, browns, black and white... and hung as an unfinished work in my mother's home for many years, long after we had been divorced. Upon my healing path when I was single and ready for a new Beloved to enter my life, I felt the pull to return back into this painting to acknowledge, honor and release the cord properly with respect to the Sacred Union we once shared. Once I started back in on the painting I could hardly stop! It was like a therapeutic journaling session of Ho'oponopono... apologizing to him with every stroke, forgiving myself and him, my skirt splattering moon blood and old frustrations with goldleaf and glass glitter, him supporting me in my/our process of death and rebirth. It came out colorful, vibrant and beautiful.. and then the final touch of Light Language came pouring out to complete my once-voided heartspace, to raise the cord in celebration.

The Release

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