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“Starseed” A volunteer from the stars, Christ-consciousness born into human avatars, slowly planting more light into the dark, way-showers between Venus and Mars… transmuting sexism, racism, laborism, homophobia and wars. We felt the atomic bomb from afar, a request from mankind to raise the bar. here I stand as Love incarnate, ascending this precious body conditioned in fear… reincarnating physically for thousands of years to innerstand personally and assist humanity to clear starting with my own meditations and tears. As I awaken, so can you, it’s easier to see the sacredness in all that you Are and all that you Do when there’s others embarking on this journey too; declaring Love for my authentic self has proven to be the only true wealth, the most empowering way to make it through- and worth the risk to commit to my inner truth. In sacred service I create in Love and offer my own living example to the version of me that is you.

Star Seed

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