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“Sister Nature”Earth Mother Lover, maiden and matron, mirror, mirror me my sister in nature.. show me how you ebb and flow, how to reflect your elemental glow and know where to go to anchor my Being when I am low. I’ll look to rocks and trees, nature’s wisdom of ease, flowers just dancing like colors in the breeze, put my human face on these. Whatever it takes to blossom in your bosom please, I hear your voice in nature spirits, elves and twinkling faeries. Gaia I know humanity can, pause and bless our hearts to innerstand how our choices and actions affect the land. Hold our hands, we’ll co-create a new version of living normality, maintain a sacred liability, use energy sustainably and see your precious face in every living thing. We Are your rainbow warrior tribe, down to Earth from Stars to re-align a compatible way to live human lives, holy as One we realize, Honor you in every guise for giving birth to material bodies we’ve inhabited and naturalized.

Sister Nature

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