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She rises, flows and nurtures in Her life-bearing mastery, Her super sensuality and metaphysicality... This Priestess of Earth and Moon still reflects lovingly, Her consort the Light of Masculinity, they played roles separately, now He's shining in and of and through me. I birth a Christ-like entity, when He Seeds me with integrity, kisses sun-shining on dark soil sweetly, on the ever-present daily. Through clouds and storms, hold me to grieve and mourn, emotional rain will cleanse and re-absorb, new growth will adorn Her earthly body with flora and fauna and fruit-bearing trees, fragrant things, birthing more conscious Beings. See how the dark cocoon imagines our wings? Have faith in me, trust the elemental harmony will open petals of vulnerability, a true Sacred Unity lets go of power struggling. The embodiment of Love IS SHE, the Mother of All things -including the shadows of humanity- Only Loving Her deeply and fulfillingly will birth healthy Beings, master Loving connection

Sacred Union

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