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“One Love” A Tribute to Bob Marley I didn’t get to see you alive a Legend left behind seven months before I arrived yet there’s an unmistakable connection inside; I honor your life and the courage you’ve inspired in mine. ©Robyn Chance 2013/2017 I fell for the music of Bob Marley while living and working temporarily in Jamaica. It was years ago.. My friend David hosted me, and he was so good to me. David passed into the afterlife a few years ago, and I feel his spirit nudged this Bob Marley painting into manifestation. Its sweetly ironic that I have another 'Thank you' to give my other friend -who's name also happens to be David- for asking me to paint Bob Marley for him... oh the synchronicity! The timing was perfect as I had been getting deeper into Bob's music and message lately... it's his beautiful knowing of the ONE LOVE, his truth and his courage to live out loud in a challenging world. He was an incredible giver and of course a legendary musician. 

One Love

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