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“If its too dark sweetheart just close your eyes take a deep breath between your battle cries a twinkling starlight will arise at the end of every tunnel, and every goodbye. do not be afraid to follow it through, rebirthing anew with softer eyes; tears turn war paint golden as they dry. Take another deep breath as the Creatrix, so wise this ancient spiral has a gifted surprise: that every precious, fighting heart will eventually realize That All Darkness and Shadow are Divinity in Disguise.” With a star-dusted cosmic rainbow vortex deep into and out of the third eye, the cloudy black veil is parted, and we realize it was a beautiful thick indigo all along.. Our sacred feminine aspect is fearless, a golden war painted catalyst for innerstanding and compassion for all life. Here we call in the Creatrix Rainbow Warrioress. She is the universal and multi-dimensional material, biological fabric that the masculine Light animates


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