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Aquarian Rebirth

We’ve allowed the emotional waters to rock us in every which way, finally surrendering to the pounding heartbeat in our chest, with relief and neutrality. In that lightness we float up in serenity, still incubating in the silent aftermath, while the integration process comes to its final alchemical stage. An empowering moment of faith, validating our fears to the core, fully present to hear and respond to our cries for love and safety, giving our inflammation everything it needs to surrender. This is the essence of Letting Go.. We cannot simply demand ourselves to do so, it is often a more thorough unveiling than that. Investigation can have a righteous and hasty tone without Her compassion and patience. Shadow is always Divinity in disguise, deserving honor as the wise womb of transformation, the gestation process of bringing all surrendered parts together to create a whole, new Being. The Age of Aquarius is here, the Divine Feminine has awakened, and we are safe to surrender and create anew in Love.

©Robyn Chance 2013

Watch time lapse video of Robyn painting the original in Hawaii:

Aquarian Rebirth

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Aquarian Rebirth
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